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​     Armed with a Business degree and a graduate-level education in Economics and Statistics, Jonathan has carved out a rare ability to recognize market trends within consumer data to identify how companies can capitalize on demand. Driven by ambition and a genuine love of numbers, Jon delivers actionable intelligence to decision-makers that is accurate, reliable, and a competitive advantage in today's ever-changing economic landscape.
     As an Analyst, Jonathan proactively identified marketing and enrollment trends for the 4th largest university in the US (Florida International University), helping the institution capitalize on student buying behaviors.
  • Receive and process incoming/outgoing company assets of up to $25 million.

  • Analyze and develop strategic labor pricing for current, and prospective clients.

  • Proactively identify emerging trends to capitalize on changes in the labor market.

  • Serve as the SME on workforce economics across the US and Canadian provinces.

  • Manage and measure key metrics that improve revenue-generating operations.

  • Forecast cash flow to manage and reconcile daily application and disbursements.

  • Drive improvements in cash management, ensuring compliance to federal policies and GAAP.

     As an Economist, Jonathan served as a Treasury & Pricing Analyst for CORESTAFF Services in the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. In this role, some of Jon's responsibilities were to:

American Economist, Jonathan W. Jones, photographed in a pensive state at the White House.

Inducted into the American Economic Association in 2012, Jonathan's reputation has been solidified among his colleagues.  Additionally, Jonathan continues his life-long commitment to public service by serving as an advisor to law-makers on economic policies that stimulate growth and local prosperity.
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